Rick Kauffman

Exiled: The Life and Times of Kevin Jamison

An Adventure. A Romance. A test of new connections and old.

Meet the Characters

Kevin Jamison

Protagonist. A kind soul who also likes the quietude of nature.

Ben Long

The Narrator. Kevin’s friend and family.

Patricia Anne Albertson

Trish, the woman Kevin grows to love. A mother of two.

Janice Marlar

Patricia’s sister and ex-fiancé of Kevin. Raped and Murdered by whom?

Rick Kauffman

American Author, not EnglishTaught HS Science for 15 years, before working as a Computer Programmer and salesman for the next 20 years. Retired around 2000 and wrote thirteen unproduced screenplays over the next 10 years, before starting to turn those stories into books.John Tischendorf and I hunted and fished in the Sawtooth Mountains and found the Mine Camp that inspired me to write Exiled 30 years ago. John passed away about 10-15 years ago.

Book Synopsis

Kauffman sets his book in the 1970s, when Kevin Jamison —trying to escape his drafting in the US military— mounts his steed and rides into the mountains of Idaho. It is no sooner than thirty years later that we find Kevin living in the backcountry valleys of the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho. He encounters an injured woman and two children on his day out and takes them back to his cabin in order to help them. Months go by in recovery as the woman, Patricia Anne Albertson, recovers from the trauma and betrayal of her husband, all the while growing closer to Kevin. A year later, Kevin returns to civilization only to be arrested for a crime he did not commit. Exiled is a book filled with adventure, self-discovery, romance, and drama, sure to change people’s perspectives on the nature of human connections once picked up.

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